KLAS First Look Report: DrFirst MedHx

Driving Accurate Medication Reconciliation Through Automation

The 2021 KLAS First Look report verifies that:

  • MedHx customers get more accurate and complete medication history data
  • Care providers can quickly and easily access that information within multiple EHR workflows
  • Clinical staff spends less time gathering and confirming medication history from multiple sources
KLAS First Look Report: DrFirst MedHx℠
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Complete Picture of Patient Medication Records

Adverse drug events (ADEs) caused by medication discrepancies affect up to 40% of hospitalized patients and 17% of patients in the 30 days following discharge. Providers need accurate and clinically actionable medication history to protect patients from these dangerous errors, with technology that populates information in the electronic health record (EHR) system automatically, rather than entering it manually.

We recently invited KLAS to survey our customers about their experiences with MedHx to assess their level of satisfaction, how the solution performs, and how well it delivers desired outcomes. See the full report for details on why 96% of customers reported being either satisfied or highly satisfied with MedHx.


“DrFirst collects all of a patient’s medication information from a lot of different pharmacies. That helps us to have a more complete medication history, so if a patient forgets to tell us something or doesn’t remember the doses or anything like that, we have that information actually integrated into our EMR. When our pharmacists are doing their medication reconciliation, we have a complete picture of our patients’ medication records.”—CIO

“MedHx is a wonderful tool that provides hit-rate reports and helps us meet the clinical and regulatory components of having the best possible medication histories. The solution is easy for end users to use, and it provides a tool that gives us easy access to medication histories. I would recommend it.”—VP

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