Secure Mobile Messaging Meets Patients Where They Are

Rx Pickup Reminders, Coupons, and Education Improve Patient Engagement and Medication Adherence

Can new technologies motivate patients to follow through on medication and treatment therapies? The evidence says yes!

Read the new report to see how integrating RxInform in your e-prescribing and medication management platform helps providers:

  • Deliver educational information to break down barriers to medication adherence
  • Reduce financial obstacles to picking up prescriptions
  • Nurture patient relationships and build loyalty

The Medication Non-Adherence Crisis

Keeping patients on their recommended therapies is a top priority for healthcare providers. Unfortunately, patients may forget to pick up prescriptions, or they can’t afford a medication, or they get confused about the instructions from their last office visit. In fact, studies show that 25% of new prescriptions and 50% of second fills are never picked up from the pharmacy by patients.

Real Results with RxInform


Providers used RxInform to handle 80M+ prescriptions and automatically send messages to 17M+ unique patients in the last year.


RxInform has over 90% satisfaction rate with over 50M unique patients helped since 2018.

Download the RxInform Report