Automated COVID Test Results & Vaccine Outreach

Better COVID communications starts with better communication tools:

  • Get test results into the hands of your patients and clinicians significantly faster with automated messaging
  • Streamline your vaccine notifications
  • Alert all your care teams automatically of a PUI

How It Works

Enhance your EHR and vaccine scheduling system with automated messaging powered by Backline.

Use Backline’s secure text features to send COVID test results to patients and clinical teams instantly.  Monitor text read receipts to confirm patients are notified.  Plus, link to the patient portal to drive better utilization.

Replace manual phone calls with mass secure text to reach high-risk patient groups quickly and streamline vaccination scheduling.

Learn more: Read this blog post about accelerating vaccine outreach and test notifications.


Reduce Call Volumes by up to 65% with Automated Negative Test Results

  • Eliminate hundreds of calls per day
  • Deliver results to patients faster
  • Free up front-line staff and clinicians

Backline in the News

Watch TV interviews with Dr. Colin Banas discussing how Backline helps health systems notify patients about test results and vaccines.


Dr. Colin Banas, Chief Medical Officer

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Free Resource: COVID Coordination Checklist

Our clinical team outlined best practices to help you plan your COVID communication strategy. Download the free tool now.

7 Ways to Enhance COVID Care with Backline


Accelerate COVID Updates and PUI Workflows


Test Results


Pre-Screen Patients 


Vaccine Alerts and Consent Coordination


Share Information with
Community Providers


Video Consults
and Virtual Care


Triage High-volume
Patient Follow-up with Response Ticketing

Backline | All-in-one Care Collaboration Platform

Backline bundles automated alerts, broadcast and group messaging, clinical file sharing, cross-organizational chat, telehealth, e-sign capability for forms/consent, and more through one HIPAA-compliant application.

Unlock countless ways to improve collaboration between your care teams, patients, and even community providers. 


Backline Success Stories

Jackie Rice
Vice President,
Chief  Information Officer

Frederick Health

"By using Backline, we're able to deliver negative COVID test results as soon as possible and [improve] efficiencies, so we can quickly call those patients who test positive for COVID."

Lyndon Allen
SLHS Vice President and Chief Information Officer, PMP, PPMC
St. Lawrence Health System

“Partnering with DrFirst to deploy the Backline Telehealth solution has propelled our ability as a health system to rapidly offer Telehealth capabilities with ease of use and reliability. ”

Dr. Azizeh Salloum
Chief Medical Officer

CompleteCare Health Network

“Backline has been integral in helping CompleteCare Health Network make the transition to offering telemedicine services during the COVID-19 pandemic." 

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