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Improve COVID Workflows with Next-Generation Communication

New COVID patient notification and outreach workflows play an important role in preventing the spread of infection but add complexity that hinders care.

Backline can help simplify and streamline these processes so clinicians can focus on the fight against COVID.

Backline unlocks countless ways to improve collaboration between care teams, patients, and even community providers, by bundling automated alerts, broadcast and group messaging, clinical file sharing, cross-organizational chat, telehealth, e-Forms, and more through one HIPAA-compliant application.

Seven Ways Backline Securely Enhances COVID Care


Accelerate COVID Updates and PUI Workflows

Send automated group messages to the entire admin and infection control team at once to streamline person-under-investigation (PUI) communication. 


Test Results

Lab results can be delivered instantly to patients, clinical staff, and even primary care physicians with automated messaging.   


Pre-Screen Patients to Prevent Hospitalization and Reduce Infections

Proactively engage your patient population to check for symptoms.  Perform virtual triage via HIPAA-compliant video chat with patients in the parking lot before they enter your facility. 


Vaccine Alerts and Consent Coordination

When vaccines are available, use mass messaging to inform high-risk patient quickly. Send vaccine consent forms to remote family members with POA electronically to be signed electronically.


Share Information with Community Providers

Update PCPs when their patients get tested in the ED, receive test results from urgent care facilities, or coordinate care transitions with LTCs and other post-acute facilities through real-time messaging, ADT notifications, CCD transfers, and more. 


Video Consults
and Virtual Care

Leverage HD video features for remote monitoring and virtual rounding to prevent exposing clinical staff and maximize the use of limited PPE resources. 


Patient Follow-up

Send patient updates and links to their medical records via secure text message or email.  Follow-up with post-visit chats or quick, convenient video check-ups. 

What are people saying about Backline?

Lyndon Allen
SLHS Vice President and Chief Information Officer, PMP, PPMC
St. Lawrence Health System

“Partnering with DrFirst to deploy the Backline Telehealth solution has propelled our ability as a health system to rapidly offer Telehealth capabilities with ease of use and reliability.  Enabling both patients and clinicians to securely ‘connect’ via video and audio while safely isolating. We are currently piloting automated patient notifications of available results. ”

Dr. Azizeh Salloum
Chief Medical Officer
CompleteCare Health Network

“Backline has been integral in helping CompleteCare Health Network make the transition to offering telemedicine services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We had to quickly react to the needs of our patients to ensure they could still access the quality, convenient and affordable services we vow to provide in our mission statement.  Utilizing the Backline platform is easy for both providers and patients and has helped us to seamlessly continue providing much-needed healthcare services to those most in need in the communities we serve.” 

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