KLAS First Look Report: DrFirst

Customers Give Med Management and Backline High Performance Grades

The 2021 KLAS First Look report verifies the effectiveness of DrFirst’s Medication Management Suite (MMS) and Backline care collaboration platform.

DrFirst-KLAS Graphics-2021

Improving Outcomes for Customers and Their Patients

For more than 20 years, DrFirst has pioneered healthcare technology solutions and consulting services that securely connect people at touchpoints of care to improve patient outcomes.

As part of our commitment to innovation and our passion for improving healthcare, we invited KLAS to survey our customers about their experiences with our Medication Management Suite and Backline® care collaboration platform. KLAS asked customers to rate their level of satisfaction, how the solutions perform, and how well they deliver desired outcomes.

MMS customers reported high satisfaction with MedHx for its ability to increase the accessibility and accuracy of medication histories and with RxInform for the ability to send patient prescription reminders. myBenefitCheck is also part of the suite, providing real-time price transparency.

Backline customers said the solution provides secure, compliant communication channels for staff and patients and reported easy implementation and tight EMR integration. 


“I went from no telehealth to full telehealth in about a week. That is a testament to how easy DrFirst’s [Backline] software is to get live.”—VP of Administration



“MedHx is a wonderful tool that helps us meet the clinical and regulatory components of having the best possible medication histories. The solution is easy for end users to use, and it provides a tool that gives us easy access to medication histories. I would recommend it.”—VP of Pharmacy (inpatient) 

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